5 tips for sending out your save the dates


Engagement season is upon us and I know a lot of brides out there are thinking about their save the dates. Here are some tips you should know before you mail them out. 

1. ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: If you want to use a photo taken by a professional photographer from your engagement session, then please make sure your photo session is already planned or you have already received the photos. This may seem like an obvious tip, but I can tell you that I have a lot of brides come to me panicking because they have not received their photos in time to be able to have their save the date cards designed. I recommend talking to your photographer and asking them how long it will take to receive your high resolution photos. Just because your photo session already happened does not mean you will get your photos instantly. It takes time to edit photos so you make have to wait a couple of weeks. 

2. MAIL OUT DATE: If you have a destination wedding, please make sure that you are sending out the save the date well in advance, about 6-8 months. For local weddings 4-6 months is enough.

3. INFO TO INCLUDE: Your names, your wedding date, the location of the wedding (city and state is enough) and your wedding website. I recommend having your website ready with at least the very important info (venue info, hotel information, schedule) because guests will want to plan ahead of time. 

4. MAGNETS: Magnet save the dates are very popular but can be a hassle mailing out if you don't do it properly. Be sure to use a decently thick envelope and perhaps a blank card stock inserted behind the magnet portion of the save the date to prevent the magnet from sticking to mailboxes. 

5. POSTAGE: Most simple save the date cards will only require the regular forever stamp for mailing. However, if you are adding any embellishments (ribbons, twine, or have a really thick or unique save the dates) be sure to go to the post office to have them give you the proper postage. Any bulkiness inside an envelope can require additional postage.

Happy wedding planning! 

Lea Robinson