Exciting new projects in the works!


I am happy to announce that starting in the new year, my online shop will have plenty of new designs added to it. 

As you may have noticed, I absolutely love working with colors! I want to take this passion to the next level and offer a new collection of wedding stationery suited for the colorful couples out there!

Any time I speak with a new couple, I always ask them a lot of questions about what their vision is for their wedding invitations. I notice that even though they may not have every single aesthetic detail ironed out for their big day, they always have at least a color scheme. To me, color is so important. You can make anything come alive with a bit of color. I can spend hours on end looking at their color palettes, organizing it into primary and secondary color schemes, and helping their vision come to life. 

Leave me in an art store and I will stare hours on end on all the beautiful tubes of paints/pencils/pastels/papers organized by color. Or when it comes to paint swatches at Home Depot....but I digress. 

So in order to bring out my love of color, I will be adding a new line of fun and vibrant designs to my shop in the new year. Designs will be organized by color so you can pick and choose what fits your wedding color palette. You will be able to customize the fonts, text and pick all your invitation suite components/cards a la carte. 

Stay tuned in the new year when the designs go live. And don't forget, I am still taking bookings for custom wedding invitaitons for 2018! In the meantime you can sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss a thing!