Do I need a wedding website and what do I put on it?


Whenever I meet with a bride, I always ask for her wedding website so that I can incorporate it into the couple's wedding stationery. But a lot of the time I will get asked, "But do I really need to make a wedding website?" My short answer is YES. 

But here are a few reasons WHY a wedding website makes sense and why it should definitely be incorporated into your wedding stationery. 

1. Your wedding invitations have a limited amount of space to work with and overwhelming your guests with a ton of text with lots of details/specifics about your wedding is not a good idea. Your guest will most likely not read it. BUT you can always include all of this information on your website. Not to mention, lots of text on your wedding invitations leaves little room for beautiful design. Less is more!

2. Some things just don't belong on your wedding invitations. A perfect example of this is your wedding registry. We all know that everyone loves getting those wedding gifts, but you certainly should not make it obvious that you expect a gift from your guest (that can come across as a bit rude). Their presence is the real gift. BUT registry information should definitely go on your website. 

3. Your wedding is a huge production and so many logistics go into it. A lot of your guests have many questions for you, but the last thing you need is the added stress of your auntie or cousin calling you asking what time should they get there, what is the dress code, will there be a plan B in case of bad weather, etc. These are all great things to include on your website and you can simply direct everyone there. 

So this brings me to my next point: What should you include on your wedding website?

Here is a list of some things that you can definitely include:

  1. Links to your registry
  2. A welcome note to your guests
  3. Things to do nearby for out of town guests
  4. A full schedule of events: point out times and when people should arrive, you can even point out that certain events will "begin promptly at" to emphasize the importance of people arriving on time
  5. Directions to the ceremony or reception, especially if they are at two different locations
  6. Include the full address of the venue(s)
  7. Any other important information about your wedding venue. For instance, some venues have specific areas for guest parking, or the entrance may not be obvious and you will want to give instructions to your guests
  8. Dress code information
  9. If you have your ceremony or reception outside, you can include information about what will happen in case of bad weather
  10. A fun story about how you met/ how you got engaged
  11. Hotel booking information such as a list of options or information about obtaining the discounted rate
  12. Shout outs to your wedding party

What about guests who don't have access to a computer, like my grandmother?

A lot of brides will ask me about how they should provide the information to certain older guests who may not have access to the internet/computer/smartphone. 

My solution to this would be to include vital information on a separate details card. This may be specific venue information, schedule of important events, and information about accommodations. You can send this details card to only the people that you think will get the most use out of it. 

But what if your budget doesn't allow for an extra card in your invitation suite? My tip for this would be to designate a family member to reach out to the older guests and let them know about any important wedding details. 

Happy planning!

Contact me if you have any questions.