Are Envelope Liners Effective?

Hi All! I know it has been some months since I posted a new blog post, so I just wanted to say Happy New Year! Since the spring wedding season will be upon us very soon, I wanted to spend some time talking about envelope liners. I have a lot of brides that love the idea of using envelope liners on their outer envelopes. Who wouldn't love having this extra detail to wow their guests! Let's face it, almost all wedding blogs that post photos of wedding invitations have some sort of envelope liner on the outer envelopes, and it always looks great! So I just wanted to take some time to provide a little more information about liners so that you can decided whether or not they would be worth spending that extra buck on. So first, let's look at how envelope liners work. Envelope liners will be adhered to the inside of the envelope. When you mail your envelopes, the envelope flaps will be sealed completely. In fact, the US post office recommends that you make sure your flaps are sealed well because when the envelopes run through the machine, if there is a portion of the flap that is not sealed all the way, portions of the flap can get snagged on the machine and damage your envelopes.

Next, let's think about how most people open their mail. When you receive an envelope in the mail, you usually rip the envelope open at the top seam. Since the envelope liners are adhered on the inside of the envelope's flap, your guest will essentially be ripping the envelope liner and will never see the liner.


So how do you prevent the envelope liners from getting torn in half and actually allow your guests to see them? My suggestion is to use inner and outer envelopes. This way, you can put the envelope liner on the inner envelope that will house your full invitation suite. This inner envelope will be left unsealed, meaning that when the guest opens this inner envelope they can simply lift the flap open. This also makes it more likely for your guest to keep the entire suite together and not lose any components. Your outer envelope will be the envelope that will be completely sealed and will have your guests' addresses on them.

Now I know that a lot of you will not want to do inner and outer envelopes because it adds yet another item to the suite. This will also factor into the weight of the overall invitation suite, which would increase your postage. So there is a lot of think about here. Lastly, you will of course get those amazing guests who use letter openers to open your fancy invitations and therefore the envelope liner would remain in tact! So in the end it is up to you in terms of what you are comfortable with. You can either use inner and outer envelopes or hope that your guests will be careful about opening your invitations and just put them on the standard outer envelope. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email.


—Lea Robinson