Wedding Invitations 101: When to Mail Out Your Invitations


Wedding season is in full swing, and a lot of the brides that I run across want to know when they should be sending out their wedding invitations. So this month's post is all about helping you figure out a timeline for mailing out all of your wedding correspondence. Let's start with the first bit of wedding correspondence that your guests will receive: SAVE THE DATES

Local weddings: 4-6 months Destination weddings: 6-8 months Specific guests that will be coming from out of the country or far away: 6-8 months

I get a lot of brides who say that their friends and family are constantly waiting for that first piece of wedding mail as soon as they announce their wedding date, but please don't feel rushed in terms of mailing anything out right away. Especially if your wedding is about a year out. If you send out your Save the Dates too soon, they may be forgotten about or lost.

Now for the big one, WEDDING INVITATIONS

Local weddings: 8 weeks before the wedding date Destination weddings or weddings on a major holiday: 10-12 weeks Specific guests that will be coming from out of the country or far away: 10-12 weeks

For setting your RSVP by date, you should set it to at least 2-3 weeks before the wedding date. This will allow you to have enough time to gather a final head count for your caterer, and to have time to finalize your seating list.

Lastly, those pesky THANK YOU NOTES

Now I know that we all have a long list of to-do's especially for new brides who may be combining their life with their new spouse. However, writing thank you notes should not fall to the very bottom of the list. To be courteous, you should strive to send out thank you cards within 3 months of receiving a gift. You can try breaking it out so it is an easier task by doing several a day.

Other people who should receive thank you notes: parents, wedding party members, exceptional vendors, officiant, or anyone who contributed to your wedding in a big way. I would recommend using your guest list and vendor list as a means of keeping track of who received a note.

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