Wedding Invitations 101: Accessorize Your Invites


Your wedding invitations will set the tone for your special day, so of course you will want them to look the absolute best. There are many opportunities to make your invitations extra special by adding small details to your suite. This week’s post will give you tips on how to accessorize your wedding invitations, what to avoid, and what is unnecessary.

Let's start with the first thing your guests will see in the mail: the envelope. The envelope is the perfect opportunity to grab your guests' attention and to get them excited for your beautiful wedding.

When you think about how much junk mail we get every single day, it is extremely important to make your envelope pop, so that your guests know they are getting something special in the mail (and make them more likely to open it right away and RSVP faster). You can do this in a couple of simple ways. First, you can get your envelopes addressed with a unique font or graphic, or have them hand addressed. When you think about all the other envelopes in the mailbox, the majority of them use a boring serif font. By addressing them with a different font, your guest will know that this is not the regular junk envelope.

The other option is to use a different color envelope than the standard white. A pop of color will almost certainly get your guests' attention.

Now I know people have been in love with envelope liners lately, but personally I think they are a detail that is unnecessary. Sure they look beautiful, but when you think about how the envelope will function, the envelope liner becomes completely impractical. You will seal your envelopes, and then your guest will rip them at the top seam to open them, never seeing the envelope liner at all because the envelope flap will stay glued down. However, there is one place that envelope liners will get noticed, and that is if you are using an inner envelope for your invitations. This is because your inner envelope will not have to be sealed all the way around the envelope flap like the outer envelope, allowing your guests to lift the flap normally and see the liner. So if you plan to just have an outer envelope, I would say skip the envelope liners.

Adding a tag or a belly band can be a perfect way to tie your wedding invitation suite together. You can have your names, a personal quote, or your website added to the tag or belly band to add a little something extra. Also, these accessories help to keep all the pieces of your suite together, especially if you have a reply and an enclosure card.

Adding loose glitter or confetti into the envelopes of your wedding invitations is a definite don't. Just think of when your guest opens up that envelope and all this glitter flies out and gets all over their clothes, carpet, hair, pet, you name it. I know it can look pretty, but please don't give your guests an extra chore of cleaning up after your invitations.

By following some of these tips, you can have a beautiful, high-end, and functional wedding invitation suite.

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